National League for Nursing

NLN is an international member organization for academic programs of nursing education and nurse educator faculty
How To Register

Registration is available on the NLN website. Click on the tab that says Certification on the NLN landing page. Select either CNE® or CNE®cl and click on Registration.

Schedule A Test

Once approved, the candidate is notified by email. The scheduling information is contained in the email. Scheduling is administered by Scantron.

International Testing Scheduling Policy Schedule or Reschedule a Test
Purchase Practice Tests

Each of the certification exams has affiliated self-assessment exams. Click on the Certifications tab on the NLN website. Then click on the examination of interest. Below each exam name is a link to purchase self-assessment exams.

Self-Assessment Exams are available for purchase via the NLN website

Find A Location

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Prepare For Your Test

The Certification Handbooks (CNE and CNEcl) have information available on preparation for the exam. Some general information is also available on the Certification website. Click on CNE or CNEcl Prep to obtain information.