World Food Safety Organisation

The WFSO® was established in 2002 as non-profit organization with a mission to harmonize the food safety management standards, while developing and supporting food safety programs for the benefit of the food industry and the consumer. At the Inauguration conference of 16th June 2001, a mandate was agreed by the panel of experts including a cross section of the food industry comprised of; governmental agencies, certification bodies, training authorities, major supermarkets, processors, academics, educational bodies, and the World Health Organization (WHO). Email:
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Food Protection Leader (FPL) – WFSO
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The WFSO® has three options available to complete the WFSO®-FPL exam. The exam must be proctored by a WFSO® approved proctor at an approved site:

  1. Live Remote Proctoring – Scantron will administer the exam with a live proctor in a virtual    environment.
  2. Approved Scantron Test Center – Schedule an exam at a Scantron test center. Scantron Test Centers are located throughout the world and can be found SCANTRON TEST SITES
  3. WFSO® Approved Proctor Site – It is recommended that a candidate contact an approved proctor prior to purchasing the exam access. A list of WFSO® Approved Test sites can be found WFSO® Approved Examination Sites
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Becoming a WFSO Approved Trainer and Proctor


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