Total print costs can consume as much as 3% of your revenue, even if your printers don’t perform optimally. Yet many firms take printing issues for granted. Do these statements sound familiar?

  • “When the multifunction printer stops working, I’ll just deal with it then.”
  • “We have to stockpile toner in case we run out. We have cartridges for printers that aren’t even here anymore.”
  • “Our service company isn’t very responsive. It takes forever to get our printers fixed.”

All companies, especially those with paper-intensive processes, need to not only control costs and improve availability, but also lock down the sensitive information running through printers and multi-function devices. This webinar shares several real-world examples of companies who discovered waste, inefficiency, and downtime in their print environment and addressed it with print management.

You’ll learn the top ten ways in which your print devices, lifecycle management, and policies eat away at profit. We’ll also detail how we methodically assessed and addressed exposures – and faulty assumptions – through a thoughtful, cost-effective print management strategy. Managing print ultimately reduced risk and resulted in greater control, predictability, and flexibility in budgeting and accounting, while enabling productivity.

Presented by:

Randy Lorenzen, MPS Sales Specialist and Vern Kathol, VP Hardware and Managed Print Services, Scantron Technology Solutions

Duration 60 minutes