Control Costs, Improve Availability, and Optimize Your Printer Fleet


With MPowerPrint®, you can strategically plan printer fleet management, rein in consumables costs, monitor all devices, and enjoy just-in-time replenishment of consumables. A qualified STS Field Service Technician responds to onsite service needs promptly.

MPowerPrint uses secure, state-of-the-art printer monitoring software that supports strategic fleet planning—each MPowerPrint engagement is customized to the organization’s unique print environment. See comprehensive data including fleet inventory, device utilization, color vs. monochrome page volumes, and service history. By outsourcing printer fleet management, your staff can focus on other priorities while your finance personnel receive the real, tangible data they need to understand your print-related costs.

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Key Benefits

  • Simple per-page cost model means predictable costs
  • Printer fleet visibility and reporting: better utilization, consolidation of printers and models
  • Device relocation improves productivity
  • Just-in-time consumables: never wonder “Where’s the toner?” again
  • Smart acquisition and lifecycle strategy improves availability and long-term total cost
  • Review of print policies: reduce waste, reduce print volumes, and improve security
  • Proactive monitoring of printer fleet: fewer fire drills and prompt onsite service
  • Sustainability: reduce power consumption, paper consumption and consumables
  • Recycling of spent toner cartridges (includes shipping)
  • Prompt acknowledgement and onsite response to service requests
  • Unlimited phone support

Global Recognition

Managed Print Services Association Best Independent service provider 2019
Managed Print Services Association Best Independent Service Provider

The Managed Print Services Association has recognized Scantron Technology Solutions as the Best Independent MPS Provider. The MPSA consists of more than 600 member organizations spanning 26 countries including the U.S. It is a non-profit organization with an independent board.

This means our managed print services customers can rely on a trustworthy advisor who is “vendor agnostic” and leads the pack in our business processes, including the entire product lifecycle as well as just-in-time consumables.

Scantron Technology Solutions was named to Cloudtango’s Global100 and MSP100 US lists for 2020. Each year, Cloudtango honors Managed Service Providers who are leading the sector by offering premium IT and Cloud services that will help their customers drive innovation.

We are honored by this recognition of our customer-first delivery of industry leading technology solutions.

Other Managed Print Services

Organizations of all sizes are seeing significant benefits from implementing a managed print services strategy. By outsourcing the document management process to Scantron our customers are able to achieve a significant reduction in costs.

Services include:

  • Fleet Strategy Consultation
  • Print Hardware (Lexmark and Xerox)
  • Fleet Refresh
  • Sustainability

Get support across dozens or hundreds of sites

If you’re not a customer, you work with or buy from a business who is.

World-renowned organizations with a few to thousands of sites partner with Scantron Technology Solutions to proactively maintain and service their mission critical printers, as well as servers, PCs, point-of-sale devices, and more.

Visit Enterprise Project and Point Service Examples to see several profiles of companies in many vertical industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Financial Institutions
  • Construction
  • Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Consumer Packaged Goods