American Academy of HIV Medicine

Since the inception of the Academy’s certification programs in 2002, thousands of HIV care providers have earned the HIV Specialist™ (AAHIVS) or HIV Expert™ (AAHIVE) designations. Starting in 2011, HIV-specialized pharmacists can also now earn the HIV Pharmacist™ (AAHIVP) designation via a similar certification process; for more information click here. The Academy's program is the only widely recognized, statistically sound and defensible measurement program available in HIV-focused medical care. On average, about 2000 providers are actively maintaining an AAHIVM credential, a majority of which principally identify as an HIV provider. In 2012, most of the US HIV-positive population is now under the care of an Academy-certified provider. In 2013, most US HIV-positive patients are now under the care of an Academy-certified provider.
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