Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation

The Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation is a national certification that is awarded to individuals who facilitate communication between people who are deaf or hard of hearing and people who hear. Interpreters serve as professional communicators in a vast array of settings such as: churches, schools, courtrooms, hospitals and theaters, as well as on political grandstands and television. The certification exams are managed by the Center for the Assessment of Sign Language Interpretation (CASLI) and conferred by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID).
How To Register

All prospective candidates for the CASLI written exams must register with CASLI by visiting their website. There you will find the handbook, application, and information about the exam fees, deadline dates, etc.

CASLI will go through the information that you submit to them and if they deem you eligible then they will forward your information to us.  At that time we will send you an email called a Notice to Schedule (NTS) and it will give you the instructions on how to schedule your exam date at the site and date that is available at a site of your choice.

The exams are only to be taken at one of the site locations that are partnered with Meazure Learning as the exams must be proctored.  They are computer based exams.  At the time of receipt of your NTS you will be able to receive the list of exact site locations and available testing dates.

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Schedule A Test

Scheduling begins when you receive the Notice to Schedule (NTS) email from Meazure Learning. Scheduling periods vary from exam to exam, so check your Candidate Handbook or your test sponsor’s website for more information. Log in to the web link in your NTS to schedule your exam site and date, then Meazure Learning will immediately send you another email to confirm your appointment.

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